Types of projects

Flagship programmes

A flagship programme is a multilateral 5-year project in which all industrial partners cooperate with several academic partners. Each programme consists of an interdisciplinary team of PhD students, postdoc researchers and industrial staff members. Together, they work on fundamental issues that are important to the Dutch chemical industry as a whole. Multilateral research programmes will uncover new innovative options and seek breakthroughs within that field. These are the main research projects within ARC CBBC, since creating impact within a new field of research requires a concerted, in-depth effort for several years. 

Bilateral research projects

Within a bilateral research project, one industrial partner is cooperating with one or several partner universities. Research within these projects is more applied than in in flagships programmes.


Types of appointment

1-3 year postdoctoral projects

Typically, a postdoctoral researcher at an academic institute will work on a research project, most often in close collaboration with staff members from companies in the industry. 

4-year PhD projects

PhD students at an academic institute work on a research project, always in close collaboration with staff members from companies in the industry.

Industrial Internships

Master’s students from academic partners spend 3-6 months at a partner company in the industry to address a specific research project. The project is part of the student’s curriculum.

Academic internships / secondments and Industrial Doctorates

Staff members from the industry spend a period with an academic partner. This could include for example short, full-time internships to learn a specific technique or longer-term secondments where the staff member works part time at a university in the context of a joint project. This may also lead to a doctoral degree (Industrial Doctorate).