Companies: become an associate private partner

In addition to the co-founding private partners, other companies can also cooperate within the CBBC research programs. A company may be invited by a co-founding private partner to participate in a research project as an associate partner. Alternatively, a company can approach the research center directly with a challenge and discuss options for setting up a joint research project, joining ARC CBBC as a new associate private partner. The fee depends on the number of tickets an associate partner allocates to the project.


Once a research team is formed and a project plan has been defined, private partners are invited to allocate their tickets to the research projects. A ticket indicates support in the industry for a specific research project. SMEs can also participate in research programs with a minimum of one ticket, while larger companies can allocate a minimum of two tickets. A group of SMEs can also acquire a ticket jointly.


SMEs can play an important role in bringing ARC CBBC innovations forward to a next step. ARC CBBC pursues a dedicated approach for giving SMEs access to the network of excellence that the research center has to offer.

To this end, ARC CBBC collaborates with the SME support office InnovatieLink for two priority sectors: Chemistry and Energy. An SME membership will, for example, give SME personnel access to ARC CBBC courses and schools, as well as opportunities for academic internships and industrial doctorates.

“The challenge of “More Energy and Less CO2” is too complex for any single company or university to solve. Collaborations like CBBC will provide the innovative solutions that the world needs.”  
Yuri Sebregts, Executive VP Innovation and R&D and CTO at Shell