Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is charged with exercising supervision on ARC CBBC and the Executive Board, in particular on the execution of ARC CBBC's mission. The Supervisory Board consists of high-level representatives of the ARC CBBC partners and the most important stakeholders NWO, the Top Sector Chemistry and Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Supervisory Board

Marjan Oudeman LLM, MBA (CHAIR)

Chair SB, President of the Executive Board Utrecht University

Prof. Sibrand Poppema

President of the Executive Board University of Groningen

Ir. Jan Mengelers

President of the Executive Board Eindhoven University of Technology

Dr. Peter Nieuwenhuizen

Director of RD&I AkzoNobel

Drs. Yuri Sebregts

Executive VP for Innovation and R&D, and CTO Shell

Dr. Klaus Harth

Vice President of Process Catalysis Research BASF

Prof. Stan Gielen

Chairman of the board Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)

Ir. Gerard van Harten

Chairman of the board Top Sector Chemistry

Drs. Jasper Wesseling

Deputy DG for Enterprise and Innovation Ministry of Economic Affairs