Top Sector Chemistry

ARC CBBC aims to become a true cross-over institute, addressing major themes in the innovation agendas of the priority sectors of Chemistry and Energy, as well as the cross-sectoral program on Bio-based Economy. 

Top Sector Chemistry, a priority in the Netherlands

Within the Top Sector Chemistry sector, ARC CBBC addresses many of the major challenges identified in two of its roadmaps. The roadmap for Chemical Conversion, Process Technology & Synthesis identifies as its main challenges the more efficient use of energy, more efficient use of raw materials, and processes that limit waste and closing the materials loop. It targets multi-scale understanding all the way from active sites (nanometer scale), particle agglomerates (micrometer scale), and catalyst particles (millimeter scale), to reactors (meter scale). The different tasks identified in the roadmap (Making Molecules Efficiently, Making Molecules from Biomass, and Making Functional Molecules) all demand an integrated approach to process technology, catalysis, and synthesis. That integration is at the heart of ARC CBBC. 

“Bringing together excellent scientists and companies addressing our societal challenges in long-term collaborations is essential to create breakthroughs in the chemistry for our future.” 
Gerard van Harten, Chair Top Sector Chemistry

The roadmap for Chemistry of Advanced Materials identifies ‘doing more with less’ as its main challenge: less weight or material but with more strength, performance or functionalities, ultimately leading to a smaller footprint for materials production. The tasks that have been identified in the roadmap are:

  • Designing materials with the right functionality;
  • Thin films and coatings and
  • Materials for sustainability.

These key tasks interrelate nicely with the application fields targeted within ARC CBBC.